Guided tours

Setran Gård offers various guided tours: Fishing and canoeing in the fjord, fishing in Setervatnet, hiking to the Jettegrytene on Galtneset, salmon fishing in Salsvatnet, hiking to the Sami tomb (Shamangrav) to name a few !

Guided tour for 10 000 year old giant pots in Galtneset

We take you to Norway`s largest collection of giant pots, formed during the last ice age over 10 000 years ago! And while the coffee kettle boils up, we tell you what happened to the old trading town of Galtneset and the Opløfjord as one of the country`s richest herring fjords until the mid-1950s. Season: […]

Guided fishing trip in the Opløfjord with campfire coziness

Enjoy a day fishing in the Opløfjord. Afterwards we will prepare our catch on a campfire. While we are sitting around the fire and the coffee is boiling, we will tell you old stories about the the people from the Opløfjord and the fjord´s history as a Norwegian centre of herrings fishing up to the 1950s.